Draft Round Map Vote

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Draft Round Map Vote

Post by Page » Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:27 am

Page's entry:

Here's my map submission (google spreadsheet): http://goo.gl/lShZs
It's designed to follow a fairly classic assault map feel, where you have your home base and the enemy has theirs, and your goal is to defend your base whilst capturing the opponent's base. It should promote a lot of interaction both within your own alliance and with the opposing alliance.

And in image form:

Also a copy of the text description from the image:
This map is designed to set up the 2 alliances with a reasonably secure starting location, with *no fed* (go play with your alliance!), meaning that each alliance will have to rapidly migrate to their galaxy (which will contain alliance owned prebuilt planets).

They start with some guaranteed 11x buy ports that are within their galaxy but close to the warp, designed to try to promote raiding (who can pull this off first?), however because they only buy it makes them harder to restock and impossible to rebuild, it also heavily limits their potential for experience trading.

The in-galaxy ports can be used to stock planets to rebuild as necessary and probably to do some in-galaxy experience trading (for very little money), they can also be used for things like building new buyers which are easier to defend as they are deeper into your home territory.

All weapons should be fairly central to give no clear arming advantage to a single alliance, along with the fact that everyone should be sat on the planets so they do not need to rearm beyond the initial.

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Re: Draft Round Map Vote

Post by Page » Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:31 am

JettJackson's entry:

Here is the graphical representation of my map. As you can see it is a normal map, something we need to have for the draft map. This map will allow for the game to be played between the 2 alliances without having to deal with crazy distances between each other and spread out hunting/trading grounds. You won't see 150 turn arms with this map. Now to the details of the map

The racials will be around 100 sectors, Alskant will be 120 sectors

Alskant 12x10
Creo 8x12
Human 10x10
Salv 12x8
Nijarin 9x11
Ikky 11x9
Thev 8x12
WQ 10x10

The red area will be 30x30
The 2 blue areas will be 5x10
and the 4 peach color areas will be 6x6 4x9 9x4 6x6
This all equals to 1950 sectors

Port distribution will be similar to this game per racials and slightly more in the neutrals/planet gals.
Weapons will reside in their respective racials with neutral weapons/good/evil in the main red gal.
CAs will be in the Blue Gals however the mine timer for the blue gals will be 6 hours so that you don't end up with massive mining in there however you can do short term mining for OP/Counters.
Mine Timers in Racials will go up to 12 hours, last few games the mine timers have been set way too low and this works against traders as they lose their route singles too fast.
Connectivity will be fairly sufficient, a bit more connective (less walls) than the current game.

Also no Dead spaces in this map either.

If there are questions or concerns about the map please bring them up, I am open for changes with respect to my map idea.


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Re: Draft Round Map Vote

Post by Hugh » Sun May 12, 2013 4:35 pm

Draft games are meant to be special. The crazier map the better. I missed all the drafts but the first. But I enjoyed the first. So, plan another. Now, You heard me, I have spoken. Hey, why is this thing on mute?
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