Admin News Edition 1 !

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Admin News Edition 1 !

Post by EstoyLoco » Sat Jul 30, 2005 3:52 am

Good day everyone!

Just to let you know what I am working on so you guys are informed!!

---Voting links---

First, as you all could see, we have voting links!!! I've set the ones who brings us the most players at the moment. We might add some eventually.

New month in few days... try to vote daily for your extra turns and for the best of the game!! More we vote, more we get new players and more we have fun!

---Newbie Alliances---

We will re-do the newbie alliances. This is for the best of the newer players! Mainly it will be composed of 2 big alliances with all races in them. We will soon need newbie helpers again and will make something organised.

Leaders will be coded fully. Will give more details eventually.


It seems connection to server has raised for this month already! Its not amazingly huge but its a positive point! Lets raise it like crazy during the next month!

---Punishment Comitee---

I will announce winners tomorow estern day ;) (its 11PM). Anyway this comitee will have the task to make sure rules are complete at the moment and will make decisions whenever there is a problem among the community with specific cases.

Dont forget to vote you still have about 12 hours to vote if you haven't!

"Space Merchant Realms Administrative Team"

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Post by B.O.B. » Sat Jul 30, 2005 3:58 am

Pfft I didn't want to do this but oh well...

I've been doing a bunch of random stuff. :)

I think I may be the unofficial special games admin (which hopefully will be more active in, in the near future). For instance, my current pet project is a King of the Hill game, with more to come!

I am the communication admin so I deal with chat stuff and WB stuff.

I try to help with ingame issues whenever possible. Anyway I am tired so I am going now.
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Post by OmegaRenegade » Sat Jul 30, 2005 6:05 am

May as well add in my 2 cents worth...

Due to inactivity the entire beta team has been removed and any players or old members that wish to join the team may do so, provided they are and will remain active, so a fully functioning beta team will be up and running shortly, and hopefully in the future we can avoid having so many bugs pop up in the live game.

We are also working on alot of the suggestions posted around, checking them for viability for introduction with SMR2.
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