SMR 1.5 Release

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SMR 1.5 Release

Post by Azool » Tue Feb 26, 2008 11:13 pm

As many of you know, the launch date for the new version of SMR1.5 is quickly approaching. It has been fun making the new game and I'm excited to release the game in an open beta. As stated previously the planned release date for SMR1.5 is March 2nd; however, I unfortunately have had a school issue come up for this weekend and I'm unsure how much time I will have to spend on SMR this weekend. Since I am the only SMR coder currently working on the new version I feel it is best to push the release date of the new version to a time when I am available to fix any unforeseen issues that arise during the launch of the game. After looking over my schedule there are two alternate launch times. I will start a post and see which date everyone prefers. Once again, sorry for the delay, and I look forward to launching the game in the next couple weeks.

Options for launch date:
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