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SMR Beta Server

Post by Baalzamon » Thu May 15, 2008 1:34 am

To login:

For multiple reasons, it has been decided to make the beta server open to the public. A few things need to be kept in mind about this.

-There are constant changes. SMR 1.5 is still in the process of being finished. You will see many things on the beta server that have not been put into live yet (such as the + and - on force stacks IS), and they will be changing. The manoeuvrability formula and ship size/upgrade systems are two very obvious differences from the live server and the beta server.
-There will be times when we temporarily shut down the beta server from the public. It may be random, and without warning.
-Games will come and go like crazy. New games will be posted, and old ones taken down fairly often.
-Beta testers may need your assistance with something on occasion. If you are on the beta server, I expect you to be willing to comply.
-JettJackson and Baalzamon are the beta test leaders. DWizz and OmegaRenegade are second behind them, and coders (Page, Azool, Zelek) trump all four of the former.
-Multiple accounts ARE allowed on the beta server ONLY. Not on the live, only the beta.
-All login names must be recognizable as the player they belong to (ie if Spock was to make a login, it would need to be Spock or Mr.Spock)

The beta server being opened to the public is a privilege, not a right. If it is decided that it should become closed again, it could be done.

To create an account on the beta server, go to to get a key to create an account.

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Re: SMR Beta Server

Post by Page » Thu May 15, 2008 2:25 am

In all games so far there are anon account 1 and 2 with pass: test
These have plenty of money, however only take what you need.

The Baalz Map is messed up - blame Baalz :P
When dying everyone goes to sector #1, but I clustered lots of stuff around there for easy rearming.

Planets now build instantly and require no goods (for easy building up to test). Research still takes time though.
SC should be infinite (some actions may require SC however).
Exp will be regularly reset to 100k for everyone until I have a chance to allow people to set their own experience - be sensible and use for testing..

Killing people without their permission or the permission of one of the people listed by Baalzamon is a bannable offence. Same for busting people's planets without permission.

Multi's are allowed.

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