Slight Overhaul

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Slight Overhaul

Post by B.O.B. » Tue Jun 17, 2008 3:54 pm

The universe map is about to get a slight overhaul. Hopefully nothing goes wrong...but if it does, you've been warned.

Changes to the map:
  • Routes have been made a little bit better.
  • Federal / Underground Requisitions has been removed from Racials.
  • Ancient Racial Ship / Weapon shops have been moved exclusively into galaxies Terylia and Doriath.
  • Planet galaxies have been completely be redone.
  • The majority of the ports have been removed. Max port level (except in 1 special case) is 4 or 5.
  • Most planet galaxies have been divided into 4 quadrants with groups of planets in each quadrant.
    • Anconus:
      This map is designed for newbie alliances as it isn't most strategically laid out.
    • Valheru:
      Yes those are smilies. Enjoy!
      Note: To get into the quadrants, there is an inter-galaxy warps* for each quadrant.
    • Sardine:
      Yes the planets spell "B.O.B. !!!"
      No you can't have a planet gal that spells your name.
      Note: Same as the previous gal in that has inter-galaxy warps*.
    • Clacher:
      I <3 you!
* A inter-galaxy warp (as I define them) is a warp where both start/end sector is inside the same galaxy.
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