Politics - How to Improve?

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Re: Politics - How to Improve?

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I love all of the ideas posted. Upgrading politics is highly needed. We need more things to do in this game while were sitting waiting on turns. Yes in smr 2.0 there were good aligned goods and that part was a good idea and I think it worked well ( it was some of the other things in smr2.0 that sucked so they just crashed all the ideas out including the good ones)

Also perhaps in the case of having a evil president instead of having it as "Race" HQ being a fed building. It would become a underground building instead. So evil traders can go to their races home and enter forcing good alignment people to go to the main federal HQ.
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Re: Politics - How to Improve?

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You mean 1.5 dont tarnish v2 name already ;)
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