Political issues reformed

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Harry Krishna
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Political issues reformed

Post by Harry Krishna »

A couple of ideas from the past and a few new ones that will make politics and relations more meaningful and interesting...

1. War vote will make racial weapons unavailable and trade with that race mpossible (as is now) UNLESS your personal relations are 450+. This gives a perk to players who make friends with other races.

2. Council members get perks like bonus SC repair points per day, special gadgets, a salary of 500k a day, free parking in friendly racials, access to fed HQ to collect bounties even if evil, etc.

3. The president can be removed by a 3/4 majority vote of the council. The impeachment vote can be initiated by any council member. The president would be replaced by the highest ranking member besides themselves, but would remain active on the council. The replacement president would remain in office until either a) they were removed by a 3/4 vote of the council, or b) they no longer were elligible for office because of alignment or experience. The replacement president would be replaced by the highest ranking member, which could even be the president they replaced.
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Re: Political issues reformed

Post by jouldax »

Changing voting options and treaty times (NAP, quicker treaties, easier war declaration, maybe give the president some sort of executive war declaration since he can already cancel peace votes) should still be discussed.
Grey Death
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Re: Political issues reformed

Post by Grey Death »

I agree on more options for president. For example the option to declare war immediately if the other race's rep with ours is below a certain level.
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Re: Political issues reformed

Post by RCK »

I'd be fine with that
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Re: Political issues reformed

Post by Jester- »

It would be interesting if everyone could have a vote on racial councils. You could give the council members 10 points per vote and everyone else 1 point.

Then when you call a peace or war vote whoever votes for or against gets their personal relations downgraded more or slightly elevated based on the outcome of the vote.

Vote for WAR? Your personal relations downgrade -200. Vote for peace? Your personal relations go up +100~200.

Something to think about.
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