Cl. Misconception 1: Classic Misconception Becomes Reality

News from the "Galactic Post" and "The Space Merchant Reporter" and "News Control"
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Cl. Misconception 1: Classic Misconception Becomes Reality

Post by Alexis » Tue Mar 17, 2009 7:57 pm

Welcome to Classic Misconception

What seems like a circular progression of time has brought the eight superpowers to yet another unknown universe, where all merchants and predators are skeptical of what each other person is doing.

Subsequently these newly inhabited areas are enjoying an economic explosion as traders exchange jewelry, metals, food, and other goods for cash to spend at nearby vessel and arms dealers.

Racial governments continue to keep close eyes on all opposition, as the ruling councils make that vital decision to pick who their first allies will be.

However, little immediate government action has led to several signs of unity from members of all races, creating four full-sized and at least two emerging alliances that will inevitably soon begin the struggle for territory and power.

The expansion of the universe is always an ambiguous phenomenon, but history tells us that we will soon discover the shape this new universe will take.

Galactic Post Announcements

Today the Galactic Post announced that there have been changes in the editorial staff in the wake of its previous editor's retirement.

"I'm confident we're really going to hit the ground running," commented an excited Chibi (Heart). "I think that some solid issues right at the very beginning of this new management will motivate the community to a renewed interest in journalism!"

Among the changes the new management unveiled was the introduction of the Galactic Post Wireless Newsline. When staffers of the GP are active, they will cover live events and send them straight to your newsline! This can be done by selecting "Major news!" at the top of your news feed.

Management also encourages members of the community to write letters to the editor if they would like to share a short quip without having the day-to-day responsibilities of being a Galactic Post staff member. Letters should be brief, and may be sent to Chibi (Heart) for publishing.

The staff looks forward to making this a successful paper, and hopes that its readership enjoys it as much as they do.


First Disturbance

The first shots of the universe were fired this morning as members of Asylum broke the honeymoon ceasefire. They met relatively little resistance, as most of the new universe's inhabitants are still trading in the freshly booming economy. The massacre continued most of the day, as traders felt the first unsettling feelings of knowing hunters are present.

The news, however, was not entirely bad for everybody in the trading business. As a result of the commotion, business at Advanced Missile Concepts 2 in sector 575 more than tripled.

"This is great! Business always gets real when people start blowing each other up!!" said Captain Korgoth, as small traders lined up at his store. "I've got weapons compatible with a wide variety of racial vessels, and these people need to fight back! I'm glad to be here for 'em!"

Stocks of AMC2 are up 17% on the news.

Meanwhile, federal officials scrambled to protect innocent bystanders from getting caught in the crossfire. One government officer said that it was irresponsible of the citizens to assume that the space neighboring federal jurisdiction was safe, even this soon after being inhabited.

The Galactic Post would like recommend referring to the field manual's tips for "staying alive" to its newest readers to avoid confrontations. The manual is located near the bottom left of your control console, and contains all of the key information you will need to become familiar with the universe.

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