Cl. Misconception 2: Peace: A Growing Concern

News from the "Galactic Post" and "The Space Merchant Reporter" and "News Control"
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Cl. Misconception 2: Peace: A Growing Concern

Post by Alexis » Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:23 pm

Salvenes Lead Science Race

The Galactic Post has confirmed that Salvene scientists have invented a Planetary Super Freighter-sized box containing a 4th dimension. It is the result of a decades-long research project that still will not be able to leave its maximum-security laboratory for many years to come. They say that the Alternate Dimension Box is fit for lifeforms to enter and experience at this point, but the crew still needs to iron out conflicts it may have with the Universal Time Travel Cube in an effort to eliminate paradoxes.

A reporter for the Galactic Post was able to see the 4th dimension first-hand.

Testimony from the reporter that was allowed to witness what happened inside of the box revealed that it isn't the easiest experience. "My hands were cramping up because I was holding on the railing so tight for dear life... But then I had to .. lift my weight off of the lever they gave me so I could .. shimmy down through the portal... And then my arms started getting tired..." were the remarks from investigator Filjab Knoxilson

The scientists involved admitted that experiencing the new dimension isn't an easy task for most people, but they do hope that Alternate Dimension Box 2.0 will be more user-friendly.
Who's Dying? Really?

The Galactic Post learned that explorers have already begun to report that the edge of the universe has already been reached! To some, this comes as quite a surprise, given the short amount of time that this region of space has been populated.

With reports coming so soon, traders now worry that their galaxies may not be as large as they once thought, making being hunted a very clear and present danger. However, for those in the business of war, this discovery is quite welcome.

This news sparked a hunting frenzy, as more and more hunters perched popular routes just outside of federal jurisdiction. And as a direct result, the number of confrontations between hunters and traders have skyrocketed in the last day.

Perhaps the most disturbing news is that two-thirds of the 31 reported deaths have been players of "Newbie" ranking, and all but one of the 31 reported kills have been from hunters surpassing newbie status. Even more shocking is that 23 of those kills came from Asylum, the alliance that began pledging to be newbie-helpers.

When asked, some of the newer merchants didn't seem to think it was too large of an issue, and just wanted to go back to exploring.

"I'm just exploring the West Quadrant Human galaxy!" responded Aluminum Cucumber when asked about his recent confrontations with hunters. "Let him! My money's in the bank."

Some think that either the Federation needs to do more to help protect newer merchants, or that experienced hunters should use more intense discretion before they hit the trigger on their control panels.

"He got podded three times in four days!" announced a frustrated Seldum. "You call that now and then?? Well, that guy is done. I'll guarantee that." Seldum has been one of the most outspoken advocates for newbie protection. "There used to be good hunters! Target hunters! Not these opportunity hunters..."

There is no question that there is a larger issue at hand. For now, the Galactic Post recommends consulting the "Staying Alive" article in the field manual to anybody that feels threatened by hunters. Alliance leaders are also good for advice. It's a dangerous universe, no doubt.
Alskants Join the West Quadrant

The first of the racial alliances established itself at 4:42 PM Galactic Standard Time, as diplomats representing the Alskants and the WQ Humans emerged from a room that was off-limits to the press. Their demeanor appeared light and cordial, as the universe looked to them to see if peace could be established at such an early stage.

The news was loudly applauded by members of the Alskant Ruling Council, which came as no surprise given the Alskants' long, peaceful history.

When asked to comment, Terrence, one of the Alskants' leading diplomats, added, "The Alskant are a race of traders. Peace is a benefit for all of our people. I'm all for opening up as many trade routes as possible." He hopes to be able to spread the range of the Alskants' trading capacity to as broad as it can possibly be, so that his race's traders routes may be less predictable to hunters.

Sentiments in the West Quadrant didn't exactly feel like opposition, but were certainly less enthusiastic about the negotiation. WQ Human President, Naruto Uzumaki, was pleased to announce the deal, citing that the WQ Human typically have problems negotiating peace with other races. He recalls that his council overwhelmingly voted in favor of the deal.

The West Quadrant apathy came from the more seasoned politicians. A pair of West Quadrant representatives from the alliance, Liberty, felt like the negotiation was rushed and not entirely thought out. Seldum feels like the voices of the seasoned, experienced traders were drowned out by political newcomers that didn't particularly know what they were voting for.

LotuS, the top representative from the West Quadrant, felt the same way. He stated, "...the Alskants offer us nothing and my gratitude toward them shall be the same."

Even with these objections, the peace seems to be agreed upon by a substantial majority of each race. The universe awaits the next announcement pertaining to inter-racial peace...
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