Cl. Misconception 3: Asylum News Day

News from the "Galactic Post" and "The Space Merchant Reporter" and "News Control"
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Cl. Misconception 3: Asylum News Day

Post by Alexis » Sat Mar 21, 2009 6:56 pm

Asylum Stirs Trouble

A week-end party was crashed early Saturday morning when a sizable force launched by superpower alliance, Asylum, descended upon a planet controlled by Heimdall. The assault ended in a quick, decisive victory for the squad led by Ghengis, but not before a ranking Heimdall official decried Asylum's actions. The remarks added to the growing skepticism that Asylum has been more detrimental than helpful to newer traders.

Ghengis stayed behind with a Galactic Post reporter while his armada split between returning to headquarters, and remaining on the planet to salvage what they could from the wreckage.

When asked to respond to Heimdall's criticism, Ghengis stated he felt that that was an inaccurate assessment of Asylum's actions. He maintained that Asylum played completely fair throughout the morning's actions.

"...They're an alliance full of vets, and more than capable of defensive play," remarked Ghengis. He continued to argue that Heimdall's defeat was more their own doing by not securing their defensive flaws. "I think it's stupid he's crying when it's their fault they parked on level 2 rocks with less than 2k force scans in 2 sectors..."

Despite the controversy, Ghengis wanted to express his gratitude to his alliance members that participated and acted quickly without dying, with an emphasis on the good job that Thennian and Stabber did clearing the galaxy.

Perhaps the top story coming from the invasion was the assassination attempt of Salvene president, Chmo. We were able to open a channel to the executive escape pod as it launched from the planet.

"We should have known better than to take chances like that," regretted president Chmo. He promised that during the next invasion, Heimdall would be more prepared. He did have a positive word to share, however. "It's a good change. They've stopped killing newbies."

The assault showed an evident weakness in the Salvene's ability to protect their executive. It's widely known that Ghengis has been trying to negotiate a peace with the Salvene for days, but attempts get killed in the Thevian committee each time. However, at this point he had lost hope in the negotiation and has little concern for the political ramifications of the Asylum invasion.

President Chmo thinks that the assault will make it more difficult for the Salvene to trust other races with peace for some time. "If I, the president, can be targeted so easily, what trust and or benefit would other races gain with what seems to be a 'weaker ally?'" explained the president. "It may not be now or a month from now, but our peacetime allies will definitely have doubts about keeping ties with us when a fellow Salvenian (Thennian) opens fire on one of his political leaders... ... I sincerely hope it doesn't elevate to that level."

The first major military operation invoked emotions from each end of the spectrum. Clearly, the universe now has more intense complications for which it will have to deal.

Nijarin Council Member Caught With Hands Dirty

There has been much news as of late regarding the Nijarin council member known as Siege. Residents and nobles of the Nijarin Galaxy are claiming that Siege's activity's are not becoming of a racial council member, and should either stop at once or Siege should face immediate removal from his position. However, anyone with any political experience knows that neither of these things are likely to happen soon.

Siege is the coleader of the alliance known as Asylum formed by he and a close friend and legendary hunter, Mar, as a refuge for escaped mental patients deemed dangerous by The Federation.

"Our hands our tied," said Federal Chief of Justice Dumar Lacrosse, "As a high council member, Siege has found a loophole in the justice system upon which he himself can sponsor the patients to live in society and essentially grant them a pardon, but everyone knows they're just doing his dirty work."

With over 30 kills already in less then a week of being a bonafide alliance, it is obvious that Asylum is pure and simply blood hungry and will shoot anything that they can. Others claims are that Siege is a frequent Narcotics merchant, but no proof of this has surfaced yet. The only thing people can prove is that he might just be an alcoholic, apparently spending more money on drinks than most merchants make in a year! Although this is most unbecoming of a council member, there are no laws in the Nijarin statutes that prohibit alcoholism of the councilmen.

"This behaviour is not entirely uncommon," says Galactic Political Scientist Phil Mancini, "Corruption and politics go hand in hand and have for centuries. Some could even go as far as to say 90% of council members wouldn't be where they are today if they hadn't done something illegal in their time, such as being involved somehow in the trading of Narcotics. I don't know why people are trying to make an example out of Siege now."

Is it like this man says? Are all of our racial council members corrupt, or members of the underground? More on political corruption in our next issue.
Galactic Wedidng Bells

It has been a long time since a high profile galactic wedding has taken place in our small cluster of galaxies, so the universe is a buzz with recent news of the proposal from galactic legend and Nijarin High Council member Siege to our own chief editor, Chibi (Heart).

Galactic Post sources know only that the proposal happened suddenly, and behind closed doors at Chibi (Heart)'s maximum security Thevian Legislative Office. Nobody can confirm that a definite answer was given, or if the proposal was even taken seriously. However, employees of the Galactic Post Publication Headquarters were instructed by the chief editor to forward any hails from Siege to her deputy editor, Baalzamon.

In pure speculation, however, the universe is also astir with some right wing fanaticals claiming that God would not approve of a Thevian bride being taken by a Nijarin and that the Federation should uphold the old laws prohibiting interracial breeding.

"A marriage is between.. a man and a woman from Omicron Persei 8...! You can't just have a woman from Omicron Persei 7 find a man from Omicron Persei 9, and call that a union! Think of the families, and the children!" Explains Human cleric, Timoney Topple.

The Galactic Post will continue to work on gathering more information regarding the latest on this story.
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Trading 101!
1)Find the right route -The right route may not be the best route. The right route can more often then not be a nice balance of experience and cash, and sometimes a tiny bit on the low end, since hunters usually hunt the main routes of a race. - If your routes are hunted alot, go for crappy routes. Make use of 2xs, you can bring in a fair amount of experience and cash, you just have to stay out there longer.
2)Use the right ship. - Early in the game, you use Racial Traders, and sometimes, if you're lucky, ISTs. This is fine, but later on in the game, you should be getting into a PSF, or if you're Alskant, ATM. These ships are the optimal traders, even though they are a bit on the slow side.

3)Use forces. -This is something that not many people remember to do. You need to be safe trading. Drop a scout on each sector of your route, and a mine on each port. The second you get a ping, run back to fed, don't even check to see who it is, better safe then sorry. - Pick up your forces after trading. This prevents hunters from learning your route even easier then they already can. It also makes it so that you don't have to keep getting forces.

4)Use your allies. -Have someone watch the CPL for you while you trade. If they see someone pop on who is a known hunter, then can ping you in chat and you get back to fed.

5)Use Local Map -Even though if you're using forces, you should know when someone is around you, Local map helps you even more, and optimizes your safety while trading.

6)Read the news. -The "Read News" link on the left reports many happenings within the universe, from name changes, to port and planet raids to peace and war treaties, and most importantly, who has been killed and where. Its always a great idea to check this before starting out trading

7)Always be paranoid. -The more paranoid you are about trading, the safer you'll be, and the less you will die trading.

This could happen to you if you don't heed my warnings! Image

Twisted Political Powers

Alliance Twisted Metal is a huge political power, dominating presidencies throughout the universe. Having over half the presidencies (five out of the eight), Alskant president Vortex,Human president Zydeco, WQ Human president Crimson Fury, Thevian president Rastus, and Nijarin president Tordek_Ulfar.

"This large policital advantage will work in our favour, giving us the ability to gain relations with races that will benifit us with the best trade routes in the Oman and Salzik galaxies" says President Vortex. The economic advantage now set in place may put Twisted Metal in the perfect place to compete for the top alliance ranking. "With guys like Edgecrusher, Aragon, Crimson fury and Robin Olds, we are an unstoppable force and right on track for the top ranking", continued Vortex. "...our alliance plans and routes are now perfected. Politics has given us that little extra influence, enough for us to reign until games end."

Twisted Metal has some highly ranked and experienced players, as well as new players who have been welcomed into the alliance. Vortex explained that these newer merchants have been given a mass of knowledge. "The help I have been given is priceless. I could never thank them enough for their advice" commented the president. "I highly recommend that new players join an alliance, hopefully one that will be able to give you useful tactics. The age old saying knowledge is power is something that will aide any new player struggling to explore the galaxy alone".

President Vortex would like to remind players to check their statistics to see if they are on their galaxy's ruling council. "It's a privilege to vote!" The president has been a longtime proponent of the democratic peace process, and encourages everybody to actively pursue negotiating relations with other races.
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