Cl Misconception 4: Bringing and Receiving the Noise

News from the "Galactic Post" and "The Space Merchant Reporter" and "News Control"
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Cl Misconception 4: Bringing and Receiving the Noise

Post by Alexis » Tue Mar 24, 2009 6:41 pm

Featured Pilot

The GP would like to announce a new feature to the paper, the Featured Pilot. From this issue forth, we bring you a photo of a Pilot from your Universe as well as a short biography of them.
This Issue's Pilot is DWill


DWizz has been known as the leader in the peace efforts throughout the universe, yet is also known to his closest friends as "Dr. Wizz" because of his involvement in the sale of Narcotics in the Nijarin System, which tends to promote more and more violence among the criminal organization known as "The Underground". DWill is also a famous rapper throughout space, and his hit single "I Owe Alexis a Lexus" sold a record-shattering 2 copies to his grandmother and his sister-slash-boyfriend, Blade. This single can be bought through the Galactic Post with a 30,000,000 deposit into an anonymous account at any bank, and the account info can be sent to Baalzamon. DWill is currently writing his novel "How to attempt to pick up a Galactic Post Editor". This novel is expected to be the prime example of how NOT to pick up a Galactic Post Editor.

Stay tuned into the GP for the next featured Pilot!
Asylum's Universal War

Galactic Post writers, as well as other members of the press, gathered for its first press conference Sunday evening called by Siege, who would be speaking on behalf of Asylum. There were over a dozen people present to issue questions, as Siege made his announcement.

"We, the members of Asylum, would like to make it known to the universe that we are officially declaring a state of war on every other alliance in the universe. All members of Asylum are ordered to kill on site every merchant that they see not bearing the ship marking of an Asylum member. This includes, but is not limited to, members of the following major galactic alliances: Twisted_Metal, Petrified_Wood, Liberty, Avalanche, and Heimdall." stated Siege.

The announcement did not particularly surprise anybody at the briefing, considering Asylum's rising kill stats in recent days. But the audience did find it peculiar that the alliance would go out of its way to make its intentions official. The Galactic Post has begun referring to this announcement at Asylum's Universal War.

Siege was questioned on how well thought out this war was, considering this war puts Asylum at a 5-to-1 member disadvantage. He brushed off the criticism, however, saying that the kill stats prove Asylum's "quality over quantity."

Much of the sentiment within the audience was that Asylum's actions resembled more of a newbie-slaughtering than an evenly distributed war on everything, but Siege assured the audience that Asylum's hunters do not single out newer traders. When addressing Crimson Fury, the WQ Human president, Siege noted, "I would challenge you to see how many of our kills are in fact members of Heimdall or other alliances. We got a large number of kills in an operation against Heimdall, a predominantly veteran alliance, just two nights ago."

A member of the press mentioned that Asylum has not yet met the other alliance fully armed, but rather picked them off while they were either offline or in small trading vessels. He warned that after this declaration, there would be a rise to arms and that Asylum's targets would suddenly become more formidable.

LotuS was also present as a dissenter to what Siege was saying. His language hammered Asylum's newbie-slaying, and he would not receive anything that Siege had to say in Asylum's defense. "Siege and his cronies are scared! Today, (Autokill) got rocked at dawn." protested LotuS.

Following Siege's remarks, DWill responded to Asylum's remarks as a spokesperson for Liberty. The statement was short. "...that /14 scan in WQ is going to be an expensive trophy for us, as well as Gheng's FU. We will enjoy podding every single one of your hunters over the next few weeks."

Liberty did not take questions.

Once more, the Galactic Post would like to thank everybody for their participation in its first press conference. We found it to be very successful, and hope people continue to utilize this opportunity.

Keep reading the Galactic Post for more information regarding Asylum's Universal War.
Alskant Public Seeks Help

Alskant citizens continue to live in unrest as the state of their government deteriorates. This week, Heretic won the presidency by an extremely narrow margin over incumbent Vortex. Since then, both President Heretic and Vice President Vortex have been fired upon by hostile traders, as election recounts significantly threaten Heretic's seat, bringing his margin of victory down to 238 votes. On top of this, the Alskant's most powerful ally, the WQ Human, has been hampered with defending its galaxy form Asylum's Universal War.

The Alskant public continues to escalate pressure on prominent neutral trader, Terrence, to pledge allegiance to the Federation and become a new hope for the Alskant empire. To this point, Terrence has not sided with either the Federation or the Underground, or even an alliance. Should he decide to align with the Federation, he would become the universe's only president not affiliated with an alliance.

Terrence once told the Galactic Post that he may consider assuming the Alskant presidency if there was a need, and a concerted effort to get votes up on a particular issue. But until such a time arises, the Alskant people should not expect Terrence to take office.

The Alskant Emergency Management Agency has asked its public to remain calm and purchase lots of duct tape to get them through these trying times. They also assure the public that plans are in place to reform the Alskant Executive Security Agency to better protect the President and the Vice President.

It is premature to conclude that this episode is over. Be sure to check the Galactic Post Wireless Newsline by checking the "Breaking News!" section of your news report for the latest on this situation.
Resistance in the West Quadrant

In a rare display of solidarity, WQ Human president Crimson Fury immediately responded to Siege's Sunday night press conference on behalf of the West Quadrant. His statement read as follows:

"A state of emergency has been declared by the Office of the President for West Quadrant citizens. All traders are cautioned to be aware of pirates in the galaxy that go by the names of AutToKiLL, SOul..., Drake, and Ghengis. All military personnel are given permission to fire at will on members of Asylum.

An announcement made earlier today by alliance leader, Siege, stated that Asylum has declared open war against any merchant, alliance, and race. I will personally lead efforts within the West Quadrant council to eliminate the existence of Asylum in the West Quadrant galaxy and will reach across the aisles to other races in the Federation to do the same. This tyranny has lasted long enough. We shall free ourselves from the chains!"

The president did not meet much questioning, although he did leave the floor open for those in attendance to do so.

"I feel for the president, I really do." commented Galactic Post editor, Chibi (Heart). "Weeks ago, I encouraged the Thevian council under a then-Asylum presidency to block a pair of peace treaties that would have benefited Asylum's most prominent hunters, and we came together and successfully said no to Asylum's self-fulfilling intentions. That is why I am now encouraging the Thevian council to increase relations with the WQ Human and Human races, the only races completely unattached to this aggressive alliance, so that we may do our part to fight this war."

At this point, it is difficult to see how the universe will react to Crimson Fury's stance against this superpower, but he left no doubts concerning his honor. When Siege asked if the president would put his ship in front of a nuke for a WQ Human not of his alliance, he responded, "It is the greatest thing in life to die for someone else."

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