Power Play

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Power Play

Post by seldum » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:50 am

Its another day at the Peace Summits. The top politicians continue to sue for peace. With the Salvene president using war for the sake of peace, he's getting a lot of feedback. Nearly every council member interviewed by the Galactic Post, are sick and tired of the warmonger Greed's lust for conquest.

In an exclusive GP interview we get Greed's side of the story. It seems as though Greed is not making war for the sake of war, but instead using it to garner peace with the Human races. Creonti while providing powerful weapons, are a luxury or bargaining chip to the warlike Salvene. Greed says he withhold peace from the Creonti until the other races sharing the universe agree to peace. He is hoping to sway the Creonti into convincing WQ Human leaders and the Human leaders to end this war and remain peaceful.

Spy-Ware the president of the Creonti commented on the subject of Salvene-Creonti peace saying, "I don't quite understand what he's waiting for. It's obvious both races want the peace, so why not let it go through?" The Creonti are willing to help the Salvene, but the politically savvy Greed instead wants to use negotiations instead of creating a bloodbath.

Northern the WQ Human president when asked for his reaction say Greed is a profiteer only wanting war to further his own ends. Northern said "I actually recall putting forth a treaty with every member of the WQ Human council's signature on it. I regret to say that it was the choice of the Salvene that we remain at war, and if it's a war they want, then a war they'll get." Strong words from the WQ side. Northern went on to say further, "And if they are basing their diplomatic relations with the Creonti on their relations with us, then it looks like the Salvene will have two permanent enemies".

Digging deeper into the matter we uncover a complex web of political power plays. While the Human president Ruckess was unavailable for comment we can infer from his previous statements his position on the matter. "We will not be bullied into a peace arrangement by a terrorist!" It seems to this reporter that the Salvene's warlike nature is going to cause them to be hunted down and executed to the point of extinction.

The Galactic Post will cover this story further as it unfolds. If you have any comments or information on this topic feel free to talk to seldum or SpaceSock in #smr.

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