Galaxies, Gangs and Chaos

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Galaxies, Gangs and Chaos

Post by seldum » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:51 am

There has been numerous reports of shady dealings throughout the universe. None are as blatantly obvious as a few days ago. The infamous Dread Pirate Roberts was allegedly detained on charges of trafficking in contraband. Officials report they freed over 100 slaves, removed a large cache of weapons and narcotics. The street value was well over 700 thousand credits for his midnight run.

Neighboring port owners could not believe that a black market was being run right next door. A local gave a statement to the Federal officer saying, 'Mr. Roberts was a well respected and powerful man in the galaxy, who regularly donated to charities.' A few hours into the investigation, Mr. Roberts was rescued, reportedly by known gang associates. During the escape port owner Rutch Reese was murdered along with 18 federal officers and 3 ships of the line. This was a testament to the brutal ways of the darker side of the galaxy. Officials say Mr. Roberts will be placed on the galactic most wanted list, in the number 1 position.

Kouga the former galaxies most wanted for 12 straight years has mysteriously disappeared from the list altogether. Sources report that Kouga, a rival gang leader, tipped the feds off as to Dread Pirate Roberts location. Some speculate that Kouga may have renounced his evil ways, no one knows much about him, so the rumors can't be confirmed.

The underworld is a kill or be killed cut throat culture. Even though it is possible Kouga has given up the gang leader's position, analysts predict a long and brutal war between the Dread Pirate Roberts gang, the mysterious Kouga's gang and the Federal Government. Bookie's are already collecting bets and giving odds for the victor. Many feel that this war triangle can come to no good end, and fear that innocent merchants and shop owners will pay the price.

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