Vicious Gangs Wreak Havoc

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Vicious Gangs Wreak Havoc

Post by seldum » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:51 am

Earlier this week Zero Insertion Force set fear into the hearts of port owners everywhere. The gang of ruthless pirates wantonly destroyed the infrastructure of six ports in the Sixpence and SimOrca Deuce galaxies. Sources say that ZIF merely wanted to corner the market on the high-end goods flowing into their galaxy. Local Federal officials have vowed to step up patrols in the area, and have instituted a new system to keep the pirates from stealing all the port's money. Some unnamed criminals were worried about the lack of monetary gain from what would normally be very lucrative raids.

Just now The Phantom Order has laid waste to nine ports in Sixpence and The Kena System. They even attacked most of the ports a second time after Federal ships arrived to reinforce the ports defenses. The federal ships were destroyed along with many civillian traders, and the ports were left in shambles. At all the ports the gang spray painted Kena on the store fronts and crumbling walls. The Phantom Order's leader LotuS was asked what provoked his brutal attack, he smiled and said "Lar! I Missed the smell of burnt Creonti ports." It is likely that they too are attempting to create a massive trade route under their control.

Medical ships that were in the area helping with the aftermath of Zero Insertion Force's raids have been working non-stop but are being overwhelmed by casualties. Federal officials vow to send more help, but critics fear it wont arrive in time to make a difference. The Phantom Order has invited all refugees to settle on their newly built planet outposts in The Kena System. Food and medical attention will be made available on arrival.

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