Blunt Blade

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Blunt Blade

Post by seldum » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:52 am

Once You could not leave Federal protection without feeling a Sharp stabbing sensation as particle weapons pounded your hull into oblivion and just before you lost your sence's in the rush of your escape pod you saw the man that had destroyed you, "Blade".

Not so anymore, Blade is apparently now a trader of the highest order, a reformed man, currently he is sitting just outside of the top ten ranked experiance players in the galexy, climaxing at 8th best ranked player for "experiance". What has become of this once deadly foe?, The man himself was not around for comment, he was too busy cleaning his Massive PSF. Will the sword fall on all who cross his path again?, will he be able to sustain his love of all things good for much longer?, or will he turn back to killing at will?, only time will tell but all we know is his name is Blade and he likes to keep his PSF very clean!.

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