Incident at the Gen-Lab

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Incident at the Gen-Lab

Post by seldum » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:52 am

Reports are coming in today from Genetics Lab #21887, where it appears as though, recently returned Outlaw Ghengis for some reason toyed around with the Quantum Modifier plasma beam resulting in 4 other traders having their names and likenesses transformed into that of Lotus, leader of The Phantom Order. Early reports speculate that this was not the same simple hi-jinks Ghengis has been known for in the past, but was indeed a strategic move on the part of TPO in order to hide the identity of their leader, as a result of the looming D-day. When asked for comment someone that looked like lotus, but had a droopy left eye and a Scottish accent responded "No comment" and walked away while making a very rude gesture.

Protesters have been seen outside the lab Since the incident occurred, with many people upset that the changing of names during game, and before games results in a false sense of security for brief periods of the game, as well as mass confusion during mass operations, And this journalist has to agree, Its time for this galaxies pilots to not be afraid of who they are, and what they have accomplished. We need legends, and currently all we have are bunch of nameless faces.

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