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Salv Pres

Post by seldum » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:53 am

Citizens of the Salvene race have become unsettled this morning with the announcement that Silverx2 has forcefully taken control of the presidency, with some even speculating that he paid Mainframe to destroy former sitting President Greeds transport ship. With the cease fire officially ending earlier this week, the news that the Salvene president has started banging the drums of war can only come as unsettling as many pilots will be out looking for the highly cherished weaponry of the Salvene's only to find that they are unable to purchase it.

"The Creonti and WQ Human races have treated us like trash for the last time!" Silverx2 was over heard shouting during a chamber meeting, "Those Ikky pieces of garbage WILL NEVER have peace as long as i am leading this great Race. We are the dominate species and we WILL conquer this universe" Loud applause could be heard throughout the building when his speech was over, but even still there are some on the council who would see their pockets get significantly lighter as a result of these current events, "There are those of you who have been paid off by the other races, Paid to sit back while we become the laughing stock of this universe, paid to watch idly as out ports get raided daily, and our traders constantly being attacked, NO MORE!"

Its only a matter of time now, with the wars between TPO, ZIF and Haste finally heating up, before someone takes it upon themselves to assassinate this war monger to try and force peace upon the once Blood thirsty race of the Salvenes, but with the arrival of such dominating weaponry from the ninjarins will it even matter at all?

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