A Trinity of death

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A Trinity of death

Post by seldum » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:54 am

With the cease fire having finally ended the universe has erupted in the silent sights of explosions, the Big 3, as the out siders looking in have come to call them have been at it almost non stop since the treaty came to an end on the 7th of december, hardly a day goes by where the news isnt flooding with reports of skirmishes between all three alliances in a cross stictched quilt of violence. Many wonder how long this pace can keep up, and once the dust settles how long until one alliance can start to crush the other two. How long will it be till someone folds overwhelmed by the prospect of fighting a war that could never end.

In generations past the fighting has been like this, only to slowly die out and bring peace to a universe ruled by a single alliance. Each time a United group of rebels has risen to try and change the dynamic, and most times have failed. This has many weapon shop owners planning for the inevitable down-turn, when they clear out more dust then product. "The last time i went 7 weeks without seeing a single paying customer, sure the news had the occasional blip of a fight here and there, but nothing that would bring someone out to my shop, not like during the war"

"Activity is sky high, all three alliances are pressing each other and ship parts are floating all over neutral space. I am expecting conflicts to become even more serious over the weeks coming," Mainframe the leader of ZIF says while her ship gets fueled, and armor refitted.

I managed to track down someone that looked like lotus, but he was missing 2 fingers on his left hand, and had a massive overbite "I would say that the war has entered full swing between the 3 alliances. We have seen action from both other top alliances and have made offensive moves against both of them. No clear winner yet but we masacared them yesterday." Clearly confident in their current war state, when asked if he was the real Lotus, I got yet another canned response "LotuS can no longer die, his spirit lives within all of us."

Word has been sent to the leader of Haste for comment but as of yet none has come. Haste is the scrappy dog in this fight, with lots of old time vets, skilled at killing. Smaller units like The Space Fleet Academy and Northern Warriors acting as Wild cards despite constant rumors that they have already chosen side. One can only hope this pace continues for the remainder of the game.

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