A Place For The Underdogs

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A Place For The Underdogs

Post by seldum » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:55 am

Game after game, flight after flight, we find ourselves in the midst of a battle over galaxies. With each major alliance taking control of their own galaxy only to begin the building race. Mines and drones are carefully placed at entry points to deter any potential intruders. Each galaxy is on lockdown.

Let's take a look at the world. We have our top alliances, and within those we have friends and allies that have had ties for some time now. The long term players have banded together and well, let's be honest they've done very well for themselves. There are names that you will always see on the top of the boards as well as IRC chat rooms that are always full of alliance banter. It's nice to see those faces around. You know that there are still people playing SMR. But, for how long.

With all these friendly faces, long time allies and alliances, it would seem as if things were going well. But our population is still continually dropping. The new pilots that surround us, stranded throughout the galaxies with an unchanging and never increasing experience bar. The frustration sets in shortly after they set sail on their great adventure through deep space. Space gets lonely when you're all alone. With cabin fever and all.

I feel somewhat responsible for their grief. Not many times have I taken a fledgling under my wing and brought him to a place to compete in such a hostile environment. Nor have I sacrificed much of myself to sponsor brave young traders. So I accept some of the guilt that is so due to me. Who else is willing to step up to the plate and take on that responsibility? Who else can spend some time to offer a stimulation to our own economy?

Needless to say, our time in outter space is coming to a sure end if we as pilots and veterans don't take the time to give place to the underdogs. To give a chance to those who may never get one without our help. So how about it? Can we make a place for these newbie pilots. I would sure love to see the ports being strained and drained again. To see trading become an art once again. Let's hear it for the underdogs!

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