System Upgrades

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System Upgrades

Post by seldum » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:55 am

Many pilots have been campaigning for and upgrade to the Galactic Universal Interface that every ship has equipped with which the pilot is able to fly his ship, with many saying that its become Bland, and feels "outdated"

"When my daddy was teaching me how to fly in his Drudge it had the SAME exact G.U.I. as the ships im piloting now! Its a little ridiculous to think this hasn't changed in what 9 years?!" A local trade told me earlier today, And for the most part hes correct.

The G.U.I. has been basically the same for as far back as i can remember, sure there have been little tweaks here and there, a switch from Black and yellow to green and more green, a removal of a broken pink plasma array that would flicker ever so often, a recent software upgrade provided instant updates that made it so pilots did not have to reboot the software anytime they wanted an update, But for the most part this is the same sterile, yet clean G.U.I we have always had.

Some claim this is the reason that more younger pilots are choosing other careers then that of a space pilot. "When you can strap into a rocket car and race around the world, why would you want to stare at such a bland screen all day waiting for updates" a local recruitment, who asked to be quoted anonymously.

Galaxy Admin Blade has Recently offered $200 Earth dollars(70 trillion space credits) to whomever creates a stunning overhaul of the system. For more details check the help wanted ad HERE

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