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Post by seldum » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:56 am

With the wars well under hand The Phantom Order's leader LotuS took a vacation and declared victory on both fronts. Although some small skirmishes continue no serious opposition has been posed. Both Haste and Zero Insertion Force have lost planets to The Phantom Order and Haste has yet to reclaim one of theirs.

Whether or not the other alliances admit defeat did not seem to bother LotuS. He knew the war would be in hand and had planned this vacation weeks ago. In his absense he left the scourge of tuniverse, JettJackson, in charge of The Phantom Order. Although some problems have arised their dominance continues while the great leader is away.

While Haste and Zero Insertion Force may appear to be beaten they may still have some fight left. I would expect this war is not over yet and some large scale attacks will take place in the remaining days.

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