Deadly Sin: Sloth

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Deadly Sin: Sloth

Post by seldum » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:57 am

The man who was once called the most blood thirsty president in Salvene history has fallen victim to one of the galaxies 7 deadly sins, He has become a Sloth. His ship remains docked his federally secured parking space, as it has been for most of the last 14 days, The massive ship which was specially outfitted for the President with extra layers of armor after a slew of assassination attempts, which has been fully fueled for a 788 click journey. A quick look over his recent movements as documented by TMZ shows he made a short trading expedition earlier this week, And at one point went to the bank to move funds for another player to upgrade their ship, but for the most part he has remained in his palace.

"I hope he stays a sloth, its about time someone took over the presidency, our people need peace!" one Salvene council member told me anonymously "He's a sloth? like the emperor from starwars? i sure hope he doesn't force choke me" one confused member of TPO was overheard saying to a bartender.

With A young new member of parliament barely days away from overtaking him, many questions have arisen in regards to what happened to the Salvene president. Could his health be failing him, or is he too busy trying to bring war to the other races that he has lost his focus, Or maybe he is just bored and is content with the fortune he has raised from back handed deals and under the table bribes. One thing is certain, the once proud Salvene president has become a living warning for all those who should try to follow in his footsteps, Be careful what you wish for, because someday you may get it and become complacent.

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