Gold Rush

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Gold Rush

Post by seldum » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:57 am

This Galaxies star has not even gone super nova yet, and already plans are being made for the next great gold rush of the Merchant Realms. Wars still rage on, but every so often messages will be intercepted from opposing players discussing plans for Jan. 9th.

Jan 9th will begin what is sure to be an action packed Activity heavy gold rush for all the best trade routes, as well as Mapping the new galaxy. Since before i can even remember the Realms have had a specific way of doing things, start with shop and port owners, as well as federal employees all get to head there a week an advance to setup shop, lay down beacons of protection, and prepare to the rush of traders and cut throats that milk every last resource before the sun explodes.

Once the galaxy is set, and a firm date is diagnosed based on science, traders everywhere start to formulate, Picking and choosing allies as early as a month before the move, discussing strategies, and alliance names. Figuring out who is going to move to the new Galaxy when and what race the will be, How they will notify each other of excellent ports and shop locations. The biggest thing a new pilot needs to know is how to effectively work as a team during the gold rush to get as many pilots into PSF/IST trade ships as soon as possible. Its not unheard of for some of the big alliances to have 2-3 PSFs on the first day, the team work required is astounding.

So to all you new pilots fresh out of training, Latch on to some of the veteran alliances and take notes, Some day you could be commanding a fleet of ships on a gold rush, and every detail you can learn now will effect how you succeed later.

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