Dupont 22 Refrigerant: Independance Day

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Dupont 22 Refrigerant: Independance Day

Post by seldum » Sun Jul 15, 2007 9:30 pm

Peace Trumps War

The panoramic view out of Central Thevian Headquarters was marked Wednesday by an interesting array of explosives sent by the Human Embassy in hopes of solidifying the peace agreements that have been ongoing for most of the game. Talks had resumed after a brief hiatus following a suicide bombing last month by a disgruntled merchant within the galaxy. It seemed however that such actions were isolated and did not reflect the overall relationship between both governments. Despite this, delgates from both governments met to discuss means of combatting the escalating warfare raging the galaxies surrounding Thevian HQ.

The celebration by Thevian and Human delegates of Human's Fourth of July is a major step in the arms agreements between both races. Presently there is a concrete belief that Human-Thevian armistice will continue into the future, as Thevian Shield Weapons and Human Armor weapons seem to go hand in hand in providing the best protection for both races traders and escorts. Only time will tell if relations will continue to rise above the turmoil dooming many other races to near tradeless galaxies, or if they too will crumble and fall by the way side.

An intergalactic news conference is scheduled for Friday evening at 8:00:00 PM to discuss mounting tensions in Ik'thorne Councils throughout the galaxy. A GP representative will be on hand to recount in detail the event.

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