99 Bottles

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99 Bottles

Postby Incognito » Tue Mar 22, 2016 4:48 am

Round 99 map proposal

Name: 99 Bottles
Theme: Alcohol. Lots of alcohol.

Speed: 1.65
Alliances: 20 cap, 18 vet slots
Size: 1468 sectors

Racials: Eight 10x10, ring connections with warps. Some weapon and ship shops.

First Neutral: Most weapons, unos, drone shop. Low connectivity and sparse port density.

Second Neutral: High location density and port density. Warps to planet gals.

Planet gals: 7x7 galaxies, no ports, 6 planets. 2 Locations inside. Uno distance is ~12-20

CA Galaxies: Self explanatory. Connects to both neutrals.

Problem Solving: Lot of locations for high level thinking.
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