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Post by Carnuth » Mon Jan 27, 2003 3:52 am

:mrgreen: <------ Carnuth
:twisted: <------ Carnuth's Raider Loving Compadres
:oops: <------ A Raider Fan
8) <------ A Buc Fan

:twisted: Sooo Carn, who ya think is gonna win the Super Bowl this year?

:mrgreen: Uhh...i dunno, i think both teams are ok i guess, personally, i am going hiking today


:mrgreen: WHat?!

:twisted: You heard me, today, you are going to support the raiders!

:oops: Yeah!

8) Dont do it man, dont succumb to peer pressure

:mrgreen: well, i guess .. go raiders?

:twisted: Darn Tootin, you better put down a few hundred bucks on them

:oops: Yeah! I already did

:mrgreen: err...sure **Pulls out 10 one dollar bills disguising them so as to look like 100's**

8) Aight man, its all cool with me

:mrgreen: 1000 bucks on the raiders

--sometime later--


8) nice

:oops: Oh NO!!!! I lost 500$$!!!!!!

:evil: WTF?! I lost 750$$!!!!!!

:mrgreen: oh rats 1000$$ bucks down the drain --> :wink:
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Re: Web Board picture book

Post by diagobd2 » Thu Apr 18, 2013 2:33 am

me watches BOB beat Cowboy sensless, take his picture, mess with it, and put it as his avatar on this WB

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