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Palm Fronds

Palm Fronds in Space

Post by Palm Fronds » Sun Oct 27, 2002 10:56 pm

As emergency sirens blared in Carnuth's ship, the Carnuth Sul XIII, a lone figure could be seen running back and forth between the command consoles. "Hull rupture on the starboard side!" a loud metallic voice sounded. "Securing compartments!"

Mines were slamming into the ship faster than the automated defese systems could destroy them. With the shields just giving out, they began to hit the hull, rupturing the armor.

As quickly as the Carnuth Sul XIII entered the minefield, it suddenly was out. The surviving layers of mines were destroyed by the various laser and torpedo shots. "bah, I have to make another complete overhaul at the nearest hardware shop..." groaned Carnuth. He began to plot course to the nearest HQ. The nav-comp gave the course, the nearest Headquarters was in the Human Galaxy.

Great, Human HQ.....

He considered this for a moment, then Carn decided. "I'll just reequip at the planet, that seems better." Carn initiated the warp sequence and strapped himself into the command chair. "5-4-3-" the computer counted down, "2-1." A whoosh ripped through the air as Carnuth's molecules bent out of shape, realized they were bent out of shape, and went about rearranging themselves as they saw fit, much to their dissapointment.

Carn emerged out of darkness into the orbit of his planet: Carnuth Sul's Palm Tree Haven. "Hmmm, wheres a place where the weather' groovy?"
he pondered to himself..."ahh, this island looks nice."

The ship entered the thick atmosphere, sending flames and a flaming red tail through the sky.

From below, The Phosra's, a primitive race inhabiting a small archipelago, took this to be a glorious omen from their god, meaning for them to make war against their neighbors on nearbye islands. Simultaneously, the Gonglesh saw this sign, and took it as a sign from their gods to wage war against their neighbors, the Phosra. As thousands of War Catamarans from both sides diverged on each other, a large chunk of armor rattled on Carnuth's ship, causing a loose nuke to fall out of its launcher. The nuke sailed over the war party, increasing its speed. The nuke hit the water, exploding as it had been set to: On Impact. The wives and children of the island warriors saw this blast of fire from miles away, and took it as a sign to do what their ancstors had done generations before: find a small apartment at the nearest island and work at a burger joint.

Carnuth arrived on the largest island of the planet, a mere 50 miles square, and began to land at the port city of Sapphire. The sparsely populated city served as the only space port this side of the Milky Way, yet had only a few landings per day. This however, was enough to employ the entire population of the island.

Carnuth emerged from his ship, docked at landing pad 23C, and went out to mingle.

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Post by Itchnov » Mon Oct 28, 2002 2:40 am

Itchy flies by and noticing a planet that strangely seems to have no shields he drops his entire payload of nukes on what appears to his sensors to be the most densely populated area. Its is also the largest island as it is 50 miles square

Palm Fronds

Post by Palm Fronds » Mon Oct 28, 2002 5:16 am

-Beep Beep... Beep...-

A signal transmits from an orbiting satellite to the undersea planetary defense network.

-Hostile Bogey entering orbit, unkown objects defragmenting from main target-

The ordinarily peaceful planet raises shields instantaneously as the Nukes enter the atmosphere. Radioactive shards fly outward as they break apart harmlessly , hundreds of miles from the surface.

-Target composition: 1 hostile - Prepare for attack-

Slowly, 10 enourmous turrets break the waves, their computers automatically triangulating the known course of the enemy ship

-Target motion analysis: bogey - course: 320 outward, speed: 12 miles per second, range: 177 miles = In range-

As the ten turrets fire simultaneously, 850 Combat drones are scrambled from hidden undersea launch caves, they scream through the atmosphere on a kamikaze course for the attacking ship. Nine high-powered laser blasts hit ship, followed by hundreds of combat drones. As the ship tries pathetically to destroy the incoming drones, the shields dissipate and the armor begins to break apart. The hull collapses and the nuclear fusion core blows apart, creating a fireball miles wide.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles below, a crowd gathers as they look up and see an enourmous orange ball fill the sky. An ominous wind whips through the crowd as the light dies down.

Business goes about as usual...

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Post by Itchnov » Mon Oct 28, 2002 11:25 pm

lol... back to my escape pod.

Palm Fronds

Post by Palm Fronds » Wed Nov 06, 2002 12:46 am

It was a bright blue day, the sky stringed with wisps of suspended ice and water particles that partially obscured the indigo expanse.

Carnuth walked along the pier, admiring the various goods and smelling the exotic cuisines, the good ones and the...unusual ones. He stopped at one particular vendor who was selling old fashioned earth-style chocolates.

"Hmmm, i think Nariis would like one." Carnuth thought to himself. He grabbed a bag of random assorted chocolates, paying with a UniVisa Express Card, which it seemed was everywhere he wanted to go.

Walking further along the path with his newfound bag of earthly delights, Carn decided to have a bite to eat at the nearest untra-trendy coffee house. As he stepped into the dark and yellowy room, he took a glance at the line. The line was long, extending in a long arc across the room, moving at an aggravating pace. Carn contented himself to grab some single serve sugar packets and leave quietly, hoping no one noticed.

Leaving the hideous green cafe behind, Carnuth arrived at the glamorous 5 star hotel, the Indigo Fronds. Entering, he was soon greeted by dozens of staff who immediately welcomed him and handed over the keys to his usual suite. Heading to the top of the 450 floor hotel, Carn entered his room.

Heading straight to the phone, Carnuth dialed Nariis' mobile number hoping to reach her and arrange a friendly get-together. Receiving no answer, Carn left a message:" Hey Nar, guess youre not staying at the Indigo Fronds hotel in Port Sapphire on my planet Palm Tree Haven, give me a ring when you get this, later."

Satisfied, Carnuth turned to the window to view the bustling port of Sapphire, watching the ships land and take off from the various docking pads. From this height, he could even see his ship parked peacefully within the spaceport. He walked over to the ultra comfort zero-G bed,a mattress filled with water, to get some sleep.

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Post by Carnuth » Mon Jan 27, 2003 3:40 am

A ray of golden brilliance shines through the windows and lands on a motionless form laying on the bed. Carnuth awakes and looks about for his spare change of clothes.

12:14 P.M.

Time to get back to the ship, things to do, people to see. He calls the front desk and asks if there has been any messages. Sadly, he has none. But it is to be expected. Checking out, the hotel's employees wish him safe travels and assure him his room will be reserved.

Walking along the oceanfront, he heads to the landing bay where his ship has been upgraded and restocked with fuel, food, armor, and enough weapons to make it fit to fight a Federal Ultimatum. He inspects the illusion generator to make sure it is in prime condition, then proceeds to check on the custom fitted, one of a kind multi-jump drive, a trophy captured from marauding Ikky pirates.

He thanks the ground crew for their hard work, and lifts off from the blue planet.

Entering orbit, he receives a long-distance cosmic call from Canff, leader of the infamous -=Shadow=- alliance. Canff is requesting a meeting in the Shadow home galaxy, Carnuth is intrigued, Shadow has been know to be a particularly vicious sort, especially when confronted in their home territory. He decides this is a worthy endeavor, and sets course for the nearby Shadow system.
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Palm Fronds in Space

Post by TimothyNiz » Sat May 25, 2019 3:33 pm

40 million is a lot, but if their range is only 6 million, you can still sneak around even the inner solar system without too much trouble, which would allow some limited stealth in space for, for example, espionage fly bys and the like.

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