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Newsletter 51

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Hello Players,

As the summer continues to cook those in the northern hemisphere, Round 91: Territorial will end on the 25th of July. This round saw three alliances claim territory, with the alliance orca currently owning the most planets but falling behind on player experience compared to R.M.A and The Hive. Bates Motel, although small, have made their presence felt by leading the game in kills, with over 30 so far. What will happen in the last two weeks of the round? Could you be the tipping point as this galactic struggle draws to a close?

If you've missed out on all the fun, fear not! The next round will be played on Galaxy Ringu, a map designed by the great Harry Krishna and will open on July 17th with turns starting the 18th. If you hate to keep track of numerous galaxies, then this map if for you. A single 56x56 galaxy, sectioned off with those mysterious space walls of unknown origin, provides the playground for players. Four planet areas tucked into the corners of the map provide defensible positions for alliances looking for real estate. Several arid and dwarf planets will also be scattered around the map to supply strategic midway points between areas. Check out more details here

Another long-time SMR player, Red Rocket, has submitted his own map concept temporarily called SMR Down Under. This is another big map, with 1964 total sectors and 10 different galaxies. This map returns to the idea of separate planet galaxies connected to neutrals but maintains mixed racial galaxies. Any comments or suggestions would be most welcome.

For the newer players, Round 89: Newbie Resurrection, will be ending on July 20th. This map opened on March 20th and gives players ranked Newbie and Beginner an additional chance to look at the game and hone their trading skills without constant threat from more veteran players. A new Newbie game will open on the 18th of July.

A vote regarding the use of multies will also be held during the next round. Players can vote to remove these second accounts from the game or continue to allow the use of multies. The vote can be accessed from the Play Game screen. All players are encouraged to participate.

Safe trading!
Thank you,

The SMR Administration Team
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