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Post by Beausoleil » Sun Apr 22, 2012 4:26 pm

You have a score of 95,643.

You are ranked as a Elite player.
As most of my friends no longer play, I will take the time to write up this congratulatory post for myself.

I began playing in March 2010, having gone through a nostalgic period where I remembered Space Merchant (back when it was on Shareplay) and decided to see if it still existed. I discovered Space Merchant Realms, and decided it would be a nice way to pass the time at work. Two years later, I have the sixth highest user score, and hold a number of high rankings in almost every HoF stat. This is especially noteworthy when you consider that having started two years ago makes me perhaps the youngest player in terms of experience; check the top 25 of any stat, and you'll see that a majority of players are people who have played in some context for 5+ years.

In short: I have been the most successful player to start playing the game the last few years. My commitment to it has been commendable, even landing me a position as IRC moderator, and then game admin. During my tenure, I have courted many a new player, built successful relationships with experienced players, led three alliances, led ops (some of which ended up being rather memorable and exciting), reached #1 in various HoF stats, pushed hard to see the 2011 draft round go through, haunted the webboard, and idled for countless hours in IRC.

Since beginning, the question had always been "how do we get new people to play? and stay?" Well, I'm probably the best example of one of those people who played and stayed, because I stayed and kicked a lot of ass.

At the time of this post, here are some records I hold:

#6 overall in user score (bested only by Greed, Holy, LotuS, JettJackson, and kiNky)
#3 overall in bounties claimed with 37
#9 overall in amount of bounties claimed with 158,145,383 credits
#3 overall in planets busted with 176
#4 overall in damage done to planets with 68511
#5 overall in levels of planets destroyed with 3849.33369
#3 overall in attacks on planets with 1345
#1 overall in alignment lost in raiding ports with 176
#1 overall in alignment gained in raiding ports with 120
#3 overall in bounties gained from raiding ports with 7,797,388
#3 overall in damage done to ports with 353890
#3 overall in level of ports raided with 800
#1 overall in money gained from raiding ports with 342,831,063
#3 overall in attacks on ports with 1434
#1 overall in relations lost from port raids with 1260
#3 overall in port raided with 171
#7 overall in deaths with 135
#4 overall in experience gained total with 3,139,700
#8 overall in the cost of ships killed with 1,632,070,922
#9 overall in military payment claimed with 10,887,867
#5 overall in turns used with 243,592
#8 overall in planet structures built with 879
#1 overall in planet structures stopped with 663
#7 overall in experience gained from trading with 2,593,663
#7 overall in profit made from trading with 3,000,940,667
#5 overall in successful trades made with 22,949

Some of these were even higher (particularly the port raid and planet bust stats) a few months ago, when I went AWOL and decided not to play as seriously anymore.

So congratulations to me, Beausoleil, for achieving so much in these last two years, and for sticking to the game as much as I have. If only more new players were like me, the game would be thriving instead of circling the drain. Three cheers for Beausoleil! Hip-hip, hooray! Hip-hip, hooray! Hip-hip, hooray!

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Re: Elite

Post by Infinity » Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:54 pm

This means you're finally quitting the game, right?
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