My parents made this game lol

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My parents made this game lol

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A few months ago, my sister somehow found the Space Merchant Historical Archive ( We honestly had no idea our parents (Jonathan and Marta) made a relatively successful game, and we were even more surprised to learn that people made new servers to continue playing the game after it "died" (and that they're still active!).

Right now it's 2am, I can't sleep, and I decided to look at the archive again. I think it's hilarious. I like casually telling my friends my parents made a video game that thousands of people actually played. The archive is wild to look through, seeing pictures of our parents 20 years younger and players posting about how they were incompetent. There was a post about my sister being born and my mom being on maternity leave. My sister is 20 now (She's a physics major in college). I'm 17. I was born after the game sort of died, I think (Feb 2002). I didn't see any posts about me being born. I'm not sure how many players on SMR care about the original or its creators. Me and my sister joined the discord when we found out about it. I left shortly after, I just wanted to see how people reacted to me saying my parents made this game 20 years ago. They were just kind of like "woah."

My sister was talking about it in the car with our parents when she found the archive. They've moved on. When we bring it up they kind of just say "haha, that was a long time ago, guess you know what we did before you were born." I'm a bit underwhelmed by the reaction. My dad did mention the original server is still in the garage somewhere. Probably has a lot of dust on it. This game has had such a tiny impact on me and my sister's lives, my parents didn't even bring it up until my sister found out about it.

I'm not sure what else to say. I considered sprinkling in some trivia about our family and our lives, but I don't think people would be very interested, and I'm kind of a private person myself. I don't even know how many people would believe that I am the kid of Jonathan and Marta, and I honestly don't really care what they'd think, but is it really so unlikely?

Whatever. I don't know how much Realms has changed from the original, but I hope you guys are having fun in the game my parents made.
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