New Round Changes *Discussion*

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New Round Changes *Discussion*

Post by RCK » Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:31 pm

Page wrote:This list may not be complete and there may be changes to things already on the list, however for the most part it should stay very similar.

  • You can no longer start a peace vote if the other race if voting to go to war with you.
Trader Search
  • View news link is now available for all results.
Combat Logs
  • Experience lost to ports/planets/forces should now display properly.
Planet Message Count
  • This will no longer display incorrectly if you had unread planet messages whilst logging in.
Vote Links
  • The delay between voting is now 23h30 rather than 24h.
Force Examine
  • You will now see the real details of allied ships when examining forces, rather than just to the nearest 100.
Race Name Links
  • Various places where race names used to be static are now instead links to the council page (or trader relations page if that is more relevant in the context)
    Race BBCode
  • You can now use [race=Salvene] in messages/announcements/alliance message board to point to the given race, the name must be in full and spelt correctly. Alternately you can use the race id instead of name.
Mass Messages
  • Alliance/council/global messages will no longer send a copy to the sender.
Send Council/Global Message Links
  • The send council message link will now show after the global message link when you are on the council, this means that the send global message link will always appear in the same place regardless of whether or not you are on the council.
BBCode - servertimetouser
  • You can now use the [servertimetouser=21 September 2012 10pm] style bbcode to specify a time in server time which will be translated into the reader's local time (as specified by offset under preferences).
    The date formats accepted are those of
Alskant Personal Relations
  • Those Alskants have been busily bribing everyone and now start with +250 personal relations with everyone.
  • NPCs will still start trading again after dying, but will stop once running low on newbie turns to stop people camping them so easily.
Custom CSS Link
  • This is now properly used on the galaxy map page.

Jump Drive
  • Fixed a bug where you could not jump with any enemy forces IS, you are now only stopped from jumping if there are enemy mines IS.
  • Also reduced the maximum misjump across all levels, this should particularly help keep misjumps manageable at lower levels. More info available at the Wiki
Code Cleanup
  • There has been a huge cleanup of almost every section of the code, this should not be noticeable in-game for the most part but it does make maintaining the code a lot easier. In the short term it may introduce some bugs, in the long term it should be a lot less :)

Also the ship changes for this round are being worked on, the working can be found here (it is very much in flux and is currently just playing, so there are likely to be lots more changes)

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