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Re: Latest version of MGU

Post by Edgecrusher » Mon Jul 25, 2011 8:39 am

This thread will always contain the latest update of MGU. If you have any bug reports or comments, please post them elsewhere, because for clarity's sake this topic will be locked.

Latest changes:


- Fixed a bug where an arming route would be cut off way before the end of the route.
- Fixed the annoying scroll bug where you had to wait for large galaxies to fully be drawn before being able to scroll as you should. Now the setting of the maximum value for the scrollbar is off, but you can circumvent this by going to a specific sector. At least now you can scroll right away.


- Fixed the trade route finder not taking into account hostile sectors. MGU used to do this, but then I invented the .sma file and it got screwed. Now, when you make a sector hostile, MGU invalidates all routes going through that sector. Trade route finder now succesfully avoids hostile sectors again.


- Route searching, arm route plotting and course plotting now support intra-galaxy warps
- A new text box has been added to the trade route finder. This controls the allowed trade route symmetry ratio. For example, if the value given is 2, then all trade routes of which one way is more than twice as inefficient as the return route are discarded. Until now, MGU used a ratio of 2 and this is good enough for almost all routes to be found, but for inter-galaxy profit route searching may miss some routes. When searching for in-galaxy routes or experience routes, an allowed ratio of 1.2 will even suffice. This significantly brings down the number of routes MGU considers and therefore reduces the computation time.

The lower the allowed ratio, the faster MGU is, especially for three-way routes. The higher it is, the slower MGU is, but the less likely it is that MGU will miss a route.

MGU will suggest values of the allowed ratio depending on the selections you make, but you are always free to fill in your own value. When a value smaller than 1 is entered, only one-good routes are considered, or if these are switched off, no routes are considered.

- Standard setting for ships in the trade route finder was changed to the Freighter

- Minor layout bugs with route length in general and with warped routes in the trade route finder was fixed

- The progress bar in the trade route finder now more realistically estimates the time it costs to compute three-way routes (it was only accurate for two-way routes)


- Fixed some minor bugs in the route finding and map saving
- Fixed the layout of routes: it no longer indicates the round trip, but the one way route. Warps are indicated in parentheses and distances for three-way routes are given per part of the route.


- Fixed a few bugs with loading and closing mulyiple maps. Switching maps is still slow, looking into that, but I recommend not loading more than two maps at the moment.
- I added a "Find route through" function in the trade route finder that allows you to find all routes that can be found with the current settings leading through that sector.
- I added relations to the trade route finder, which has an influence on cash calculation. Relations are saves in the .sma file, but not automatically yet, so you will have to manually save the map. Please pay attention to the fact that newly filled in relations are not taken into account until you hit the "Adjust" button.


- Bug in arm plotting has been fixed
- Races that are enabled in route searches are now stored in the .sma file - you will have to manually save the map for it to take effect
- When multiple maps are loaded, all are now saved in the startup file and will load at next startup


- Fixed some trade route bugs (e.g. route length did not take the good "nothing" into account as not costing turns to buy/sell)
- Route lengths are now displayed per round trip
- Fixed a really annoying bug that destroyed the .smr file and prevented the .sma file from being saved after each search
- the .sma file is now only saved if new route info has become available, this prevents redundant saving


- Removed three-way routes from appearing three times
- Re-arranged some buttons and merged the "go to" and "highlight" buttons
- Fixed some minor (trade) bugs
- The plot arming route function now also accepts sector numbers as waypoints. By entering planet sectors, you can therefore use it calculate a build route. The maximum number of waypoints is 10, which will be increased in the future. This feature will be extended to seed sectors to create a seed route.


- Fixed a bug that made it so warps were not recognized. This also fixes a bug in the course plotter

Maybe a little suggestion for the usage of the new .sma file: it significantly increases speed, but will have to be built first (full version is about 40M, which is too large for me to include here), I advise you to build the .sma file by doing a search with three-way routes selected for the entire galaxy or even parts of the galaxy, but only one race selected. Then the next search, select an additional race, etc. Depending on your computer this will take about 5 minutes per search, but it will automatically build your .sma file so next searches will be much faster.

The .sma file should save automatically after each search, but if you feel that it doesn't. you can always just do it manually.

Version 1.6.1:

- The game now saves an additional .sma file that contains alliance info as well as a list of routes. This file will not be overwritten when downloading a new map, but keep in mind that the file has to have the exact same name as the main file.
- Route searching has improved up to a factor 5000 using the stored routes. You will have to search for routes once and then save the game: the second time you search everything will be lightening fast.
- You can now load multiple games and switch between them in the menu. At the moment a maximum of 5 games can be loaded.
- Did some minor bug fixes


Fixed a bug that occurred when opening maps with multiple stacks of friendly forces in a sector. Thanks to GD for reporting this.


- Made MGU compatible with .Net version 4

- Several minor bug fixes


- I fixed a bug in the arming route plotter that caused the number of routes not to be reset in between searches.

- I implemented a Force Manager, including a force report and a seed report generator. I haven't been able to test this thoroughly, so please report any bugs.


- When quitting the game or closing the map, the game now saves a temporary file that makes you automatically startup the same map and display style the next time you start the program. Information that will be included in this file in the future are alliance members, seed sectors and enemy force data.
- The list of trade routes had become clickable, but could no longer be copied. To fix this, I also write the routes in the textfield below the route list. The routes can be selected and copied from this textbox, at least until a specific route is selected.
- I fixed a bug that caused the trade route finder to miscalculate the multipliers. Experience was not affected, but cash was: it should now be correct for all routes. Thanks to Jester for reporting this bug.
- I fixed a bug in the display of the multipliers in Page's display version of the trade routes.


I have changed the file format for forces to be compatible with the file format Page uses in-game. This means that, as soon as this change comes out of beta, all .smr files will also contain information on all friendly forces. This will automatically fill in sector status as well as accumulated force information for friendly forces, but not for enemy forces. In the near future I plan to include a 'force management' tool that allows you to generate seed lists, seed routes (even for individual players), overviews of forces etc. I think this is an exciting new feature that has a lot of potential.

However, as a result, version will no longer work on old maps and you MUST upgrade to version to keep using MGU. This new version will also work with the ol format I used, so any maps that you have saved so far should still open.


Fixed a 'cannot cast Sector to int' bug when plotting routes - bug reported by Caius.


Some minor bug fixes:

- The bug when plotting course through a warp, reported by Harry Krishna, was fixed
- Evading hostile sectors did not work when sector status had changed *after* opening the plot course screen. It now works even when sector status is changed later on.
- The go-to sector button used to jump to the wrong sector when scroll bar was not positioned at 0. Or rather, it did jump to the correct sector, but this sector was not in the center of the screen because scroll bar position was not taken into account. The scroll bar position is now reset to 0 so that the correct sector is displayed.


I have implemented 3 different styles: the original mgu style, the smc style and the in-game style. They can be chosen through the menu.

In addition, the plot course, plot arm route and the route finder have been given a 'go to route' button and a 'highlight' button. The highlight button colors the plotted sectors and makes the waypoints (locations and ports) extra bright. The highlighted route is overwritten when a new route is plotted. The go to button does the same as the go to sector button, it moves to the first sector on the route.

Finally, I updated the route finder a bit: There are now two fields, like in the plot arming route screen: one containing the list of routes, the other the details for the selected route. I removed the option to choose between Vladdy's style and Page's, because it does both now. I also removed the field for number of routes to show: it now does 50. If anyone wants to know the 51st route, which I doubt, I can easily change it.


A bug has been fixed that caused the cost of buying goods to be added to the total gain of a route instead of subtracted. Trade routes should be a little more accurate now.

Three-way good routes have been implemented, including an option to turn it off. Please note that this has not been optimised yet and is still slower than it could be.

Locations, ships and weapons have been added to custom-made galaxies, so you can plot arming and search for locations in these maps as well

Forces now show on the map and sectors with mines are automatically made friendly or hostile.


Two bugs have been fixed:

- Hitting return in the go to sector box no longer gives a newline, but goes to sector immediately
- Ship dealers sell the correct ships after saving again

In addition, I have implemented the saving and loading of sector forces. So you can now fill those in, save them, and recall them the next time you load the map. Note that force data is still overwritten when downloading a new map, I am still working out how to prevent that.

Version 1.6.0:

sectors can now be made hostile. In route plotting they are automatically evaded, in course plotting and arm routes there is a checkbox to turn it on (I will implement this in route plotting too).

There is also an option to store information on forces in the section configuration screen.
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Re: Latest version of MGU

Post by JettJackson » Mon Mar 09, 2015 4:18 am

Just wanted to add this dropbox link to the MGU since the attachment is dead on here. I put my MGU in a .rar file and uploaded it on my dropbox so it should be there for good

The link is:
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