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Forum Policy

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One of the roles of the SMR admin team is to keep the game fair and enjoyable for all the players, which means enforcing the rules and making changes to the game when necessary. The purpose of this forum is to inform the players of these administrative decisions and the basis for them. There are a few things users need to keep in mind regarding the information posted here:

1) The fact that we choose to provide information regarding our decisions does not mean that public discussion of these decisions is permitted. If you have questions regarding the decisions posted here, take them to an admin or committee member privately - public discussion or criticism is still against the rules.

2) It is impractical to document every decision made by the admin team on this forum. If there is a specific decision you would like more information about then contact an admin or committee member requesting information or that a post be made here. Keep in mind that not all information is suitable to be made public, but if anything needs to remain confidential an admin will explain to you why that is the case.

3) Every case handled by the committee and administrators is different, and each case is considered individually. The players, player histories, circumstances and other details can vary greatly from case to case, and admins use the rules, precedent, advice from the committee and their own judgement to make the best decisions they can. While we make every effort to be as consistent as possible in our rulings, cases that seem similar can result in different decisions depending on the circumstances.
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