SMR Business Plan

Committee discussions relating to the development and advertising of SMR. Committee is comprised of both players and Admins.

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SMR Business Plan

Post by Butcher » Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:47 pm

Ok, the other thread in this sub-forum is fantastic. I am seeing a lot of great idea’s tossed out, but it lacks coordination and direction. I would suggest developing a simple business plan for this task. This does not have to be a large, extensive business plan. Something short, sweet and to the point. But, it gives EVERYBODY who looks the business plan a idea of where the developers of the game want to go. The business plan will give a very broad, but specific set of goals and timelines for the future of SMR. Something that players, administrators or donators can look at and visualize its potential. Once this is developed, sub-groups can split off and work on tasks such as advertisement, focus group, what to do with new noobs, training, recruitment, keeping new & existing players interested ect.

Remember, there is NO one idea that is a miracle that will create a large player base. It will take all of them. Also, remember. A lot of options cost money. Especially advertisement, so having a cash flow in there would be great also.

Short Example:
Business Plan: Promote SMR and Recruit New Players
Demographics: Who are you targeting to play SMR. Anybody is to vague. Be specific, and then concentrate your recruitment on that specific group.
Advertisement: Who, what, when
Game Development: New games, tutorial, noob training, ect.
Cash Flow: How much is coming in, from where vs. going out, to where.

Once this is established. Short, Mid and Long term goals will need to be developed.

Once the above is established, sub-groups need to be created. The members of the sub-group will work on their part of the business plan. Example: Sub Group A – Advertising, you have $XXX Budget. Where will SMR get the most exposure for advertisement. Once they do their research, they will need to report to the owner/admin/development council and a decision will then need to be made on how next to proceed.

Hope this Helps.

Aka Captain Morgan/Butcher

PS. Work and my business will keep me busy through the spring. I am unsure how much actual play time I will have. But I can set aside some time if there is something you want me to look at. Thanks!

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Re: SMR Business Plan

Post by RCK » Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:03 pm

Well said.

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