SMR 1.5 Changes

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SMR 1.5 Changes

Post by B.O.B. » Tue Feb 12, 2008 7:35 pm

I thought I throw out some of the potential changes since y'all seem curious.

To make routes more dynamic, some new goods are being added.

Additionally, there will be "Asteroids" that can be "Excavated". "Excavation" will provide the player with some lower level goods (such as Precious Metals), and when the Asteroid has been Excavated too much, it will disappear from the sector.

Over time, new Asteroids will be appear. This additionally adds to the dynamics of routes, and also, makes MGU less useful (as prime routes may include the use of an Asteroid).

Additionally while Excavating, there is a random chance you might find "special goods." If you bring enough of these goods (hundreds to thousands) to your government HQ you get the OPTION to get these bonuses (they can still cost money or require missions). The bonus gained can small to large benefits (depending on the bonus). The bonus can potentially last for the entire length of the game round.

"Missions" will not be discussed at this time, as there is no guarantees there will be any missions implemented at the start of the first round.

Please note that the working name of "Excavating" was originally "Mining". Because this obviously created confusion with the normal type of mining the name was changed. However, in SMR 1.5, as to time constraints, when the game goes live, the working name "Mining" may still be present.

Lastly, another change to routes is "Gossip". With Gossip, the Port attendant might mention to you a place that is buying or selling goods at a modified rate (IE, instead selling 100 Wood for 100k, the port will buy 100 Wood for 500k). "Gossip" rewards can be a cash reward, or experience reward, but not both, depending on the randomness of the "Gossip".

AJAX is being implemented.

This means several things, but primarily benefits players on slower connections, because when doing actions, only portions of the webpage are reloaded (instead of the entire page).

The two main areas affected by AJAX is the Current Sector page, and the Right Trader Status panel.

For the Current Sector, it will automatically reload sector info on a regular basis, which will result in seeing players enter & leave the sector without manually refreshing the sector.

Similar to the Current Sector, your Trader Status will update at regular intervals too, which means while performing other actions, if you come under attack, you will be notified almost immediately.

This is all that is currently being mentioned, as everything else is subject to change as it may not make the final cut, or its exact implementation has not been finalized, and would be irrelevant to post at this time. As other things get finalized, they will be announced.
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Post by Azool » Wed Feb 13, 2008 11:52 pm

Here are a couple more changes that you will see in 1.5

Plot To Nearest ...:

Players now have a new option when plotting a course. They can select the location type that they want to go to. This should make finding the closest uno, bank, ship shop, etc much easier.

New Ship Stat and New weapons with a new purpose:

Maneuverability Rating (MR) is finally in the game. MR will affect accuracy in combat. SMR 1.5 will also feature "EMP" weapons. When an EMP weapon hits you, you will lose a portion of your MR for the remainder of that round of combat, making you less accurate and more vulnerable to be hit.

One other change that has already been announced but I wil elaborate on:


There will now be non player controlled (NPC) ships flying around the universe. Some of them are good, some are evil, while others are loners. These NPCs will assist in a variety of tasks for their respective factions. For example, a federal fleet of NPCs may be called to assist major ports when they are being raided. These NPCs will offer much much more, but we are not ready to fully comment on their abilities yet.
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