1.6 Version goes live

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1.6 Version goes live

Post by Blade » Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:44 am

It is finally here, the moment you have been waiting for.
We are very pleased to announce that 1.6 is ready to go in to live beta testing!!
The game “Close Quarters” will be ready to join at 6pm Server time 4/2/2009.

You will need to visit http://new.smrealms.de

Create a new account and away you go, please help us improve things by reporting any bugs you find, remember this is a live beta game so it’s purpose is to find bugs, but also for you the players to enjoy this new version. We would like to stress that bugs and glitches will be fixed live and changed as soon as it is possible to fix them. So dont ignore the bugs please do inform us via the webboard, the bug submit link or in chat if an admin is available.

The map is a testing map, so please keep this in mind when playing.

Check out the change log link for news on updates and features. This can be found by clicking v1.6.0©2007-2009 at the bottom of the page.

Have fun and thank you for all your support.

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